Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Bag

So, Heather, my sweet sweet friend who I owe many bags, and some hemmed jeans to, had a birthday last week. I wanted to make something for her that would reflect her style....this is what I came up with.

I really liked how it turned out, especially the ruffled handles. I think I fell in love with ruffles with this project. You'll be seeing a lot more ruffles in the future! Stay tuned.


Sarah Pead said...

Love the ruffles. And the color combo is just lovely. It fits Heather well! :)

Kenton and Marianne Ogg said...


Hey, I saw you entered to win that jar of scraps. I did too, and then realized I should go through my stash a downsize, so I have a box of scraps if you want them. I'd put them on my sewing blog, but I've kind of dropped the ball with that one.

Kenton and Marianne Ogg said...

Oh, you can email me back at if you want them.