Friday, May 29, 2009

Are you kidding me? the other day, Miss Eileen called me over to her garage
to ask me if I wanted ''these ol' chairs''....
"Are you KIDDING me?" was my response. Of course I jumped at the
chance to own these very vintage pieces of lawn-sweetness! In fact, my newest favorite blog just discussed these chairs! Our front yard
may now just be in competition with our back yard.

Last minute gift

I have had the privilege lately, of being able to sew a lot...not for me, however, for people who are calling me and asking me if I can make things for them..lots of things. Everything from gifts, to clothespin bags to scarves to aprons to bags! I am BUSY and loving it! My goal was to have my Etsy shop open on June 1st, but I barley have time to work on it...and people keep buying everything I wanted to put online! What a bad problem to have huh? That pumps me up! I am so grateful that people like what I am creating, enough to want it! I am blessed to have the gifts I do and to be able to share that with my little corner of the world is exactly what I want at this point in my life. Once again, my cup runneth over....

I got a call from a friend who needed a last minute graduation gift for a family member who loves to travel. I needed some fabric with some international flare. Without time to search the local shops for fabric to use, I decided to recycle a shirt-dress to make a large bag. This was also the first time I tried 'pin-tucks' and I love the outcome! This bag was hard to part with!