Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

Today was quite a day. I can't seem to slow down these days! Being almost 7 months pregnant I understand the nesting thing...but do people really nest for say, 3 months straight? I just keep going and going and I hope the energy never ends. This morning, while Ellie was at a friends, I took the boys out for a couple of hours. Our first stop was at Starbucks for some white hot chocolates, then onto a few garage sales. We scored big time at the first one we went to and the rest were bombs. I let the boys each pick out a toy and they were thrilled at what they finally decided on. Ezra quickly spotted a little Buzz Lightyear, as if he doesn't have enough of those, while Avery picked a remote control airplane that we weren't sure worked even if we put new batteries in it. It was a price he was willing to pay as he promised not to be disappointed, so I agreed. Kole of course picked out this little set of rockets you could put together and launch; it helped that it had never been opened so all the parts looked extra cool through the plastic. I found Avery a pair of run-around shoes, and myself a cute hat I'm going to embellish with a ruffly flower, and a pair of New Balance tennis shoes for 50 cents! All together we spent a whopping $3 and the boys and I even got a yummy cookie from the church ladies upon checkout! I was thrilled and Avery was nervous the whole way home as to whether or not his plane would work upon our return. We ended up finding another yard sale on our street and got a bunch of teenie socks for the baby as well as some like-new bibs and burp cloths each for a dime.

When we got home, we checked the plane with new batteries, and sure enough, much to Avery's dismay, the thing was a no-go. So I ripped the antennae off the thing and took it outside to hurl it into flight and it worked! The boys took turns tossing it back and forth and getting it stuck in trees, but it was definitely worth the 50 cents we spent on it.

Ez hasn't put his Buzz down yet, and Kole spent the day experimenting with all the little rocket parts and ways to launch was so cool to see how happy those boys were over nothing. I love that we have raised them to be content in the small things and they don't need expensive things or the latest craze to keep them interested and happy. It's how it should be.

The rest of the day consisted of helping Joel get ready for his gig, then back out to pick up Ellie and get some groceries. Joanns was on the list as well, as I needed to pick up the pleating tape I need to make the living room curtains I've so desperately been wanting to do since we moved in 2 years ago. We also made a stop at DQ so I could introduce the kiddos to crunch cones! Oh my, did licking those crunchies bring back memories! I finally got to plant my lettuces this afternoon; the rain didn't stop all week until today! I also cut and screwed together some 2x4's as a frame to put around the 5 bags of topsoil that will become my little garden tomorrow. Thanks, Mom, for sending me the Mother Earth mag with that idea in it! A peaceful part of my day was when I spent a few moments with this little guy, John Duquesne. He cuddled up to my leg and tried to eat my pants. He's such a weird thing, but I'm starting to love the little turd. (He became a turd after he got out of a gap in our fence and our family had to chase him around the neighborhood while everyone watched!)

He's our new 4 week old Shetland Sheep that I am seriously considering bringing back to his previous owner...he stresses me out- kind of like having another child to take care of and worry about all night.....sigh. Last night I dreamed a fox got him and for two hours this morning I layed in bed listening for his little baaaaa...and nothin! Guess he felt like sleeping in for the first time in the 3 days since we got him. Wondering what in the world are we going to do with him when he's full grown- even as a Shetland, they still get pretty big. The only thing I can think of that he would be good for is his wool, and I did love spinning, dying, carding and felting wool in we'll see what happens. Maybe I can make these to go with these that I made last year:

I'd have to say the low-light of my day was shoveling the gobs of chicken bedding and poop from their pen. It had gotten so high in such a little space. I had some serious flashbacks to shoveling manure in Grandpa's barn.... then I hauled several wheelbarrows back to the corner of the fence. Maybe that will become my new compost pile. I need one of those too. Joel gave me the welcomed news that a friend of his is coming on Saturday to help him build the chicken coop. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when he told me. I really didn't feel like doing it-well, I did and I didn't. I'd rather have a professional builder in on the thing. The night ended with showers for the five of us, tomatoes on toast, corn on the cob, and baked beans, dishes....oh, and 5 of the new pretzel M&M's for each of us before brushing our teeth and a game of Mancala to end the night- that put us at a 10:00 bedtime, and some seriously tired and pooped out children- not to mention me.

So here I sit, relaxing with a tall glass of lemon and lime water, waiting for Joel to get home from the wedding he DJ'd tonight. I feel wiped out, but blessed to have so much to do to keep me busy. I love my family, my home and life. My cup runneth over.....again.