Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great Goodwill Find and a matching clutch and shoe re-do!

I found this amazing little yellow silky dress at Goodwill a couple months ago. It being a size 14, I knew it would eventually fit my big baby belly, hopefully in time to attend a friends' wedding. I spent a lot of time thinking about what shoes would look good with yellow, and even looked a few places only to find nothing. Also, I really can't imagine spending more than $10 on shoes for a one time event, so I started to brainstorm on how I could transform something I already had....then it hit me! MOD PODGE! I love that stuff! I have never used it on shoes before but I knew my faithful crafty friend would come through for me once again. My sweets surprised me one day with some of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fat quarters and they just happened to match the yellow perfectly! I started by making a ruffle clutch first and loved the fabric so much I knew I had to attempt the shoes. It took me a few days to finish; I wasn't sure if I could do it.....but I finally finished! And I couldn't be more happy with the outcome! Check it out!

The $4.99 Goodwill dress of inspiration:




The Whole Ensemble:

Friday is our 11th anniversary....I never got to go to the wedding mentioned above, so I think I'll have to wear this out with Joel. I LOVE IT!

(oh- here we are on our date!) 
 (no- that's not a yellow umbrella- it's my baby belly!)