Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New year, new me, new us!

It has been an awfully long time since I posted; I don't have a digital camera unless I borrow one, so that explains it! A lot has happened in our home since then, and I thought I'd share a little. First off, Joel and I are on a road to building a better marriage which is a beautiful yet sometimes painful process. I encourage you all to keep your eyes on God and don't take them off of him for even a minute. Watch for any breakdown in communication with your spouse and fix it immediately! The enemy is like a roaring lion, and is out to destroy marriages, and fortunately in my case, he didn't win! We will celebrate 10 years of marriage this coming June, and have a special announcement coming soon.....so stay tuned!

For Christmas, my parents gave us the gift of painting our home, via the help of my mom, who came to Indy from Wisconsin for a week of cleaning, painting, redecorating, and of course, Goodwill shopping! My beautiful-inside-and-out friend, Sarah and her funny-funky hubby, Dustin are often invited over for haircuts and the standard eggs-with-bacon, made famous by my sweets, and my biscuits-and-gravy, made famous by me.
She was kind enough to bring her camera over this weekend to take pics for me to blog. So she gets all the credit for the amazing pics, and I'll take it for the choice of color. My mom gets the credit for keeping me moving that week we painted and for her military like encouragement to finish painting 4 rooms in 3 days. We had a blast, and have to say, my home finally, after a year of living here and talking about painting, actually feels like HOME!

I bought these all-white curtains on clearance at Lowe's and painted this retro-funk
pattern on them with craft paint mixed with fabric medium....i likey!