Friday, June 22, 2012

catching up some

i'm a wee bit scared. this has become so foreign to me... blogging. i don't even recognize how to post, as everything has changed so much. it's been just a tad bit of time since i last blogged. i would hope that it was because when you have a baby, the world stops for a while as you marvel in God's amazing handiwork. life has changed a lot since my last post... the baby will be two in september. joel told me today that if it weren't for him seeing the birth with his own two eyes, he would think she was adopted. i laughed. it's somewhat true. she is so completely different than any of my children. she is our sweet and sour, our spit-fire.... the one who never sits and will someday make a heck of a wife and mommy. the other children were thrown into being homeschooled this year and did well, considering the drastic change. the moment the last test was scored, i broke down in tears. i did it. all these years i knew i wanted all my children home with me, and it had come to pass. how in the world did we make it through? how did we get anything accomplished with amara in the house, and joel working morning shift at starbucks. well, we didn't do it. He did. the ONE who called us to do it, was all we needed. if it weren't for the guidance and grace of God, i don't think i could do it again. it was TOUGH.... the most challenging thing i've ever done, but the most rewarding as well. He better show up in the fall when we start again, or i'm in trouble. hee.
a quick blurry pic during the first day of school

there have been a lot of smaller life changes this year. joel's business, Track7 DJ, has grown so much that he had to hire a partner to take more gigs. it's been so fun to watch his hard work pay off and i couldn't be more blessed that he is home with us during the week. i get to sit outside and have coffee with my man every morning. who get's to do that? so spoiled. i try so hard not to take that for granted. i can't imagine how quickly i'd fall apart if he worked a normal day job. ugh.

i met an amazing family this year, that has changed me. truly. i have so much to say about them, that i will have to post again soon just to touch on them and the affect they have all had on me and my family just know that you have brought me JOY, Young family.

i started teaching sewing classes once and awhile at this amazing shop. i'm grateful for the friends and my man who encouraged me to step out and do something i love. it's been so fun... but i'm not sure it's for me yet. i guess it's easy to get down on myself, thinking i'm never prepared enough, i forget things my students remind me of, and i'm not sure i can compete on a emotional level with the caliber of woman from up on the 'north side'... nor do i think i want to. there are a few that are passionate like me, then there are some that i believe are learning to sew, to add another 'notch' in their thin designers womans' belt. anyways....

speaking of that fabulous love of mine, here are a three of my all time FAVE projects i have worked on since my last post...

commissioned KING sized quilt that i HATED to part with. my husband and i were standing on chairs with our arms above our heads to hold this thing. it was massive! i pieced it all and my amazing friend Anne, from texas, free-motioned quilted it. she blew me away when i opened the box. from indiana to texas, back to indy and onto florida... she's been around, this beauty. wish she were mine.


a birthday gift i made for my sister... wrapping is fabric and mod-podge on cute little box

this is a small piece of birch bark. the holes were made by a rascaly woodpecker. i found it in a special place i love in wisconsin. i found two, so my sister and i have matching necklaces. one of the most meaningful pieces i've made.

my all time favorite 'kellie' bag.... 'cause it's actually mine.
so all the really important things i needed to get out tonight will have to wait. i will say that God has been stirring my heart for change. a shallow life in Him is not one at all.... so it's time to get even deeper. i'm finding my 'part' in the body may be something different than i expected.... but it's a good thing. i need more. more of Him, less of this human effort to please God for others' sake. tiring of the masks, the show, the way we 'schedule' God into church. if it's supposed to be ALL about Him, then why isn't it? time to grow... change is coming. i'm telling God, "bring it!" i'm SO ready for more.