Saturday, September 20, 2008

hidden blessing/treasure

Alright, so being introduced to the crafty blogging world has completely lit a fire in me that will not soon burn out. You know, the kind of fire that keeps you up at night, laying in bed wondering what you are all up working on in the wee hours of the night, and planning your next trip to the quilt shop?
So I began yesterday by heading into the garage to look for a bag of old fabric scraps I had accumulated in college. I not only found the box, but I found a sewing machine that my sweets bought for me several years ago. I wasn't much into sewing at the time, so I don't even think I looked at it let alone use it. Of course, my curiosity took over, and I dug it out, complete with instruction guide and accessory box. Low and behold, I have had a beauty of a treasure within my reach for 4 years, and never new it. The thing weighs a ton, and is old, but a sturdy ol' friend for sure! It's a Montgomery Ward 'Signature' UR 277 sewing and embroidery machine-complete with 12 cams for some amazing stitch capabilities! I was in shock, that I didn't even know what I had! And I was thanking God for providing me with a way to start sewing again.
I got the instructions out, oiled up the machine (oil was included- may have been old packaging, but the oil was perfect!) and got to testing out my new find. WOW! Was I impressed- what a good quality machine. My daughter and I spent the morning sewing a bag for her friend and then on to make beanbags for my kiddos to throw around. (gives them something to do while I am checking out everyone's projects in bloggy-land!)
So needless to say, I called my husband to thank him for the sewing machine he had bought for me so many years ago, and apologized for never taking the time to use it. I owed him one for that!!! ;)
I can hardly sleep knowing what potential awaits in my corner of the living room that is starting to come alive with the sounds of scissors, sewing and smiling!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding Me

There is this amazingly creative woman I knew so well once. I lost contact with her for so many years. I heard she was busy having 4 children.

I ran into her the other day, by no coincidence. Amazing how God brings you in the path of someone who can reintroduce you to people.

I met myself again the other day. I am so glad I found 'me'.

This is going to be a really good day.