Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding Me

There is this amazingly creative woman I knew so well once. I lost contact with her for so many years. I heard she was busy having 4 children.

I ran into her the other day, by no coincidence. Amazing how God brings you in the path of someone who can reintroduce you to people.

I met myself again the other day. I am so glad I found 'me'.

This is going to be a really good day.


Tonya said...

I can so relate to this : ) I found your blog from my sitemeter, can't wait to see what you create!

Kellie said...

Thank you Tonya! I was so inspired by you....I will be keeping an eye on your site for a very long time. Your article on the kids fighting was soooo great. I am relieved it isn't just me! Thank you for your honesty!

Life in the Bizzy Lane said...

nice to meet you too! wondering what wonderful things you'll create!

KB said...

Wow, this is so simplistic yet so powerful.