Saturday, April 11, 2009

FINALLY! peep peep peep!

I have been waiting for this day for about 4 years. It was then that I bid goodbye to our chickens, or at least their feet! Let me explain...growing up, our family always had chickens. I hated the work then, but as an adult, have so much more appreciation for the responsibility of them. Joel and I were fortunate to live way out in the county in Wisconsin when the kids were younger, and someone, knowing how much I missed having them, gave us organic chickens to raise. We had so much fun with them -just watching them peck around the yard free-range style was amusing in and of itself. I had to go away for the weekend, and with Joel having to work late, he wasn't able to get the chickens in the coop early enough in the evening. I came home to chicken feet and beaks strewn about the yard. As it turns out, fox like chickens, just not those parts. I really missed them beauties. They were so black, they were dark iridescent green! I knew I would someday have them again...and well, just so happens that today is that day! What a great way to celebrate Easter- the sweet sound of peeps all day long!

We showed the kids the chicks today and shared our plans of fixing up the shed into a coop, and how in about 6 months we should have eggs...they were sooooo excited! First thing Ellie said was: "MOM! You don't have to get us Easter baskets tomorrow!!! Ok?"

So, Joel, thank you for 'surprising' me! I love you and we are going to have so much fun with them! Promise me you'll make your famous scrambled eggs with the first batch of eggs? HAPPY EASTER TO US!

Here is the box of goodies...brought straight home from HERE.

This one is pecking at the hardwood looking for bugs!

The kids were SOOO excited!

I used this antique wash-tub from Miss Eileen for their first home.
I got the idea from this great website.
We'll be moving them out to a coop in about 8 weeks!
Then we wait patiently for 6 months and we'll have eggs!

They were so hungry and knew just what to do with the food dish.

Leave it to Joel to pull an Ozzy!
(no chicks were harmed in this process)

Thank you Joel, for making my little dream come true!