Saturday, March 28, 2009

my vintage friend

When we first moved into our home little over a year ago, I met our neighbor Eileen who lives across the street. She met me at the mailbox one morning and we began to introduce ourselves. A few quick exchanges and before we parted, she asked me the question that would forever connect our lives. "I see you leave Sunday you go to church?" she asked. "Yes we do!" I replied. And throwing her hands up and looking to the sky, she said, "Praise God! I was praying for Christian neighbors!" I knew from that moment on that we really did hear from God when He told us to rent this house.

Over the months, we have really gotten to know each other. She is a spry ol' woman, 86, with a heart of gold. In the recent months, we have spent almost every weekday morning having coffee together. I bring her her morning paper after the kids get on the bus and we sit and shoot the breeze. Lately, things have been hard for her, as her husband is going to be placed into a nursing home after falling and breaking his hip. He just celebrated his 91st birthday. I enjoy running errands for her on occasion and even had a chance to take her up to see Ed at the rehab center a few weeks ago. I joked with him and told him he needed to hurry and get well so he can come home and cut our grass....of course I was just joking around, and he quickly responded by telling me he wants a Dixie-Chopper. It's sad that he really thinks he is going to get to come home, and he isn't. Eileen has decided to move to an apartment June 1st, and I get tears in my eyes when I think of her not being across the street anymore. I will be going to see her a lot when she's gone. Who knew one of my best friends could be 30 years older. I love her.

Her son, Mark, was here from Boston for a week helping her prepare for the move. He worked hard at cleaning out all his father's belongings from their shed, and found so many treasures in doing so. Elieen knows how much I adore antiques and treasures, and set aside many things for me to have, including some cute furniture that I am refinishing, and toys for the kids. She even saved out a bag of old fabric scraps she thought I may like, and boy do I! I don't think I would have ever bought polyester, but these scraps are so great! Inside this big dusty trash bag of pant suit remnants, was an old JoAnn Fabrics paper shopping bag, and an old robe pattern. As I was leaving the other day, Mark pulled out this beautiful quilt and looked at me and said, "you wouldn't have use for this old thing, would you?" He was about to put it in the pile to go to Goodwill. I about fell over!!! He didn't know who he was talking to! Me? Want a vintage quilt? Are you kidding me? Uhhh, YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I took it home and washed it up well and it came out of the dryer smelling beautiful, feeling soft, and looking brilliant!

Look at how old this JoAnn bag is!!!

I refinished the small five drawer table and painted it a cute turquoise. I am really thinking of turning my kitchen turquoise and red...and this would be a great addition to the workspace. The old black desk is going to be fixed up for Ellie's room.

We have been so blessed to get to know our neighbors. God sends the right people at the right time, that's for sure. I am so thankful for all she has done for us. I will miss her dearly.
This is my little tribute to my friend and prayer partner, Eileen.

My cup runneth over......

Thursday, March 26, 2009


new typepad blog reveal coming well as some goods for sale!!! stay tuned!