Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day!

My friend Amy tagged me in this blog game to post 5 things you did you go!

1. Woke up to all this snow and had to get some pics!

Growing up in Wisconsin, 11 inches of snow was the norm. Here in Indy, not so much...everything and everyone was shut down. It was a beautiful sight; one that I miss. It was a good day! The boys have off tomorrow too, so we'll see a snowman up tomorrow that's for sure! Today wasn't quite packey enough. I watched my sweets shovel the driveway. I think when he remembered that we have 4-wheel drive on our van, was when he decided to stop shoveling and just barrel through it...and it worked!

2. I had to rummage through the garage (a nightmare!!!) to find snow-pants and boots for 4 kids. I don't even think that they have ever actually used them, so they didn't know what to think. I have a system for getting dressed for snow, which is methodical, but works well. It always results in them sweating before they get out the door, and dry feet when they come in. It's the little red wrists where the snow gets between their mittens and coats that always makes me sad...

3. While I was searching, my sweets was online pricing DJ equipment for the business he is launching. It has been going on for weeks now. I hope that in the end he gets a great deal. (it's the bargain shopper in me- sorry). I think he needs something like this...

4. I had to come up with something warm and delicious for the kids to have for lunch after the snow-play. So I threw some chicken broth, carrots, onions, celery tops, and alphabet pasta into a pot and voila!

5. I printed the rough draft of the invitations to
our.....oh....wait, I can't tell you.....but I can tease you with a pic! More to come later!

So all in all it was a great day! Hope you enjoyed yours!
Ezra says, "OUT!"