Monday, October 27, 2008

Ellie's Paris Room

ok- so i have been promising ellie i would paint paris shops on her bedroom wall since her birthday in april...i realized recently why i have been putting it off for so long....fear of failure. i was worried i wouldn't get the lines straight, the colors perfect, the proportion correct...
my sis encouraged me to just start- and a few weeks later, when ellie was in in pennsylvania for a week with her grandparents, i started. it went so well. no chalk lines, no level, just my eye...and it worked. the wedding cake is giant compared to the cafe table, but hey! shouldn't they be anyway? it's a work in progress, as i have to finish the boutique, clock/street lamp, and eiffel tower, hang her sweet little chandelier and take off her closet door to hang a pretty curtain. so far, i am really happy with the turn out. ellie was thrilled and feels so chic! -enjoy