Monday, February 8, 2010

Trash to Treasure

One of my all time favorite places to shop is Goodwill. I always hunt for stuff I can re-purpose and I never come home empty handed. Whether it's a pile of khaki pants for the kids' school uniforms, or a dress I love and may never wear, it's the best place to find amazing deals. I found this small cork-board the other day for $1.99 and new I could dress it up to use near my computer. I brought it home and found the perfect scrap of fabric and matching craft paint and I LOVE how it turned out! It was super easy to make cute...I will definitely be buying up all the cork-boards I come across from now on. You should too!


Sarah Pead said...

fabulous! I love how pretty fabric can spice up the plainest of objects. :) You're one crafty gal!

Susie said...

I love it!!

Justin Kirby said...

Hey there, MacGyver. lol
Good work. I never really think about stuff like that. I'm glad someone does. ;-)

pamela said...

your comment boosted my spirits immensely. thank you so very very much.

**and repurposing old things is somehow one of the most satisfying of craft endeavors. good work.